Best Carbon Fiber Helmets

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When it comes to biking, helmets are essential. The CDC reports almost 2,000 people to die each year from bike accidents in the U.S. Despite this, just 50% of cyclists wear helmets. But helmets aren’t just important for protecting your head. They can also save your life if you wreck your bike and break bones or if you get hit in the head by debris or hit by a car.

It is safer to wear a helmet while riding your bike. However, there are a variety of helmets to choose from. Carbon fiber helmets are designed with lightweight materials to minimize the load on your head in the event of a crash. Creating carbon fiber helmets takes a considerable amount of time and skill.

Carbon fiber helmets are all the rage. They combine lightweight yet durable construction with cool designs and are many times more affordable than traditional carbon fiber helmets. But make no mistake, carbon fiber helmets aren’t for everyone. Some people, especially those who are not aggressive riders, may not want or need the extra protection of a helmet with carbon fiber construction. So, the question is, how do you know if a carbon fiber helmet is right for you?

Carbon fiber is a sensational material. It’s strong, light, and resistant to abrasion, heat, corrosion, and solvents. Carbon fiber is the best material for helmets, and it’s consistently rated the best material for both helmet construction and impact resistance.

Carbon fiber helmets, or composite helmets, are heavier and more expensive than traditional polycarbonate helmets, but they make up for it in comfort and strength. Carbon fiber helmets are as light as traditional helmets, but there are typically more vents, and they tend to be more comfortable because they are less likely to heat up during extremely hot rides.

Carbon fiber is a relatively new material in the helmet industry. It’s primarily used in racing. While it’s still a relatively new material, it’s becoming increasingly popular within the cycling industry. The two most common types of carbon fiber helmets are fiberglass and carbon fiber. However, they both offer a variety of benefits, the main difference between the two lies in weight. Carbon fiber helmets tend to be lighter as they don’t contain as much material as fiberglass helmets.

EXO-ST1400 Carbon Fiber Motorcycle Helmet

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Carbon fiber is lightweight, strong, and incredibly expensive. That said, this EXO-ST1400 motorcycle helmet is among the lightest and strongest carbon fiber helmets there is. In fact, it has the same specs (and quality) as a high-end motorcycle helmet that costs twice as much.

The EXO-ST1400 carbon fiber helmet from HJC is new for 2018, and it’s one of the best carbon fiber helmets. The EXO-ST1400 is a motocross helmet, so it’s designed to help with impact protection when you’re in intense, fast-riding situations. The carbon fiber shell of the EXO-ST1400 is made of carbon fiber, which is extremely lightweight—as well as durable. But does this helmet offer enough protection?

This helmet presents an aerodynamic shell design and great performance. CX-1-Titanium Fiberglass Matrix and ECE 22.05 certified. This helmet provides full ventilation and maximum ventilation. As well as giving off high brightness. The helmet gives off good impact protection due to 18 tragus pads. The chin strap and chin pad provide a good grip.

AGV Pista GP R Carbon Fiber Helmet


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AGV is an Italian helmet manufacturer known for producing top-shelf helmets that carry excellent reviews and are reasonably priced. The AGV Pista GP R Carbon Fiber Helmet is one of the best carbon fiber helmets. The helmet is DOT and ECE certified. The outer shell is made of carbon fiber, and the chin bar is reinforced fiberglass. The helmet is aerodynamic with a wind tunnel-tested design. The shell is removable, and you can also install optional ear warmers. The helmet comes in three sizes, and AGV provides replacement cheek pads as well as replacement cheek pads for the chin bar. AGV supplies the helmet with a microfiber cloth for cleaning the helmet.

It’s designed to fit most 2” – 2.5” handlebars, and the helmet is vented to help with heat and moisture. The helmet comes with removable and washable liners, a quick-release chin bar system, and a removable face shield. Also included is a detachable chin curtain, a visor clip, and a softshell helmet bag.

Patterned after AGV’s top-of-the-line SXV helmet, the Pista GP R is the king of the Italian-style carbon fiber helmets. It’s lightweight, extremely aerodynamic, and the ventilation is phenomenal. The helmet is also extremely safe and offers some of the best protection out of any AGV helmet. AGV’s Pista GP R carbon fiber helmet is one of the best carbon fiber helmets!

AGV Pista GP RR Carbon Iridium Helmet


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In recent years, the motorcycle helmet industry has taken a lot of criticism—and rightfully so. While motorcycle helmets have been saving lives for 60 years, the designs have had little change in that time. In recent years, helmet makers have upped the ante with designs featuring integrated electronics and the latest materials, but they still took criticism for not being “cool” enough. Consequently, helmet makers have begun to take notice, and motorcycle helmets are getting new designs and new materials. The AGV Pista GP RR Carbon Iridium Helmet is at the top of this new wave, and it offers top-notch protection and style.

The AGV Pista GP RR Carbon Helmet is one of the coolest-looking helmets on the market. The carbon fiber shell is as light as can be, and the helmet comes with a thermal lining as well as anti-bacterial chamois pads. The helmet also has unique features like a visor that slides to the left, allowing you to see behind you without taking your eyes off the road, and an integrated LED positioning light. And it is available in four different colors, so you can really make a statement with it.

The carbon shell and carbon fiber layer add strength and rigidity, while the integrated shell venting helps control airflow, allowing the helmet to stay cooler and last longer. The AGV Pista GP RR Carbon Helmet is lightweight, quiet, and, of course, it’s stylish.