Best Sport Helmets

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Whether you enjoy biking, hiking, skateboarding, or just walking around the neighborhood, it’s important to protect yourself when participating in your favorite sports. The best sport helmets will protect your head from head injuries, and they can also provide much needed comfort when you’re out enjoying the great outdoors. As much fun as it is to play basketball, soccer, football, or hockey, it’s also an activity that comes at a price: bruises, scrapes, and head injuries. The best sport helmets can save you from a trip to the ER or, worse, a hospital stay.

Choosing the right sport helmet for riding a bike, rollerblading, skateboarding, or playing a sport like baseball or hockey can be tricky. The sport helmet industry is designed around helmets for motorcycle riders, where it’s vitally important to have protection for the ears, face, and skull. But for non-motorcycle sports, these long-time safety traditions don’t always make sense since wearing a helmet can cause neck or back pain and can also cause other injuries.

We all love the rush of adrenaline that comes with riding a motorcycle. It can also be dangerous, as riders and passengers need to protect themselves from falls, crashes, and debris. Arai, a respected helmet company, makes some of the best options for motorcycle riders and the best safety features on the market. The perfect helmet for you will depend on your taste, budget, and comfort level.

Still, seeking the best protection for your sporting endeavors? We’ve done the research, and here are the best sport helmets you can buy.


6D ATS-1R Helmet Image
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The ATS-1R is one of the most advanced and safest helmets on the market. It features 6D’s patented Brain Protection System and has over 50% more coverage than other helmets. It is also the first helmet with Double Diamond Tri-Matrix Technology, which is anchored by 6D’s patented Brain Protection System. The helmet also includes 6D’s Tri-Matrix technology which improves helmet comfort, a sweatband ventilation system, and the X-Static Pro Performance Lining. The X-Static Pro Performance Lining is antimicrobial and resistant to odor, water, and stains. The High-Density Polyester shell and EPS liner make this helmet one of the lightest helmets on the market. The ATS-1R is a lightweight, comfortable, and protective helmet. 6D’s helmets are certified by ECE.

Shoei Neotec II

Shoei Neotec II helmet image
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Sport helmets have come a long way in recent years. Traditionally, helmets have been bulky plastic affairs. Now, sport helmets have evolved into a low-profile design that’s comfortable, easy to adjust, and much easier to wear. The Neotec II from Shoei is a great example of this type of helmet. The Neotec II is affordably priced and comfortable to wear, making it one of the best sport helmets on the market.

The NEOTEC II helmet from Shoei is one of the best sport helmets on the market. They are made out of a fiberglass composite shell, which delivers excellent impact absorption and lightweight construction. The Neotec II is impact tested up to 20-joule impact, with high-density foam (EPS) liner, which ensures maximum protection.

Caberg Drift Evo

Caberg Drift Evo helmet image
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Riding motorcycles is a sport that requires a lot of protective gear. In many cases, motorcycle helmets are a necessity due to the risks that riding a motorcycle imposes on a person’s health. The best sport helmets are designed to protect riders from injury in the event of an accident or fall. The Caberg Drift Evo II is one of the best sport helmets on the market. The Drift Evo II is a top-of-the-line helmet from the Caberg brand. With its built triple-layer shell and high-quality materials, it is sure to provide comfort, protection, and style for active drivers. It has a sleek design and is made from the latest technologies. This helmet is also certified by the Department of Transportation, making it safe for use on the road.

Bell Race Star Flex DLX

Bell Race Star Flex DLX helmet image
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The Bell Sport Flex DLX helmet is the latest version of the company’s popular Sport Flex DLX helmet. The original Flex DLX helmet was Bell’s first foray into modular helmets, and its body-mounted straps made it one of the comfiest helmets on the market. So, how did Bell improve on an already amazing design? The Sport Flex DLX helmet features a new shell design with four lobes, which redirects airflow up onto the helmet’s interior for better cooling. Not only is the shell more comfortable, but the helmet’s redesigned ventilation system increases airflow by 30 percent, eliminating some of the pressure under the helmet’s interior. The new Sport Flex DLX helmet also gets Bell’s MIPS face shield, which is meant to protect your head from rotational forces, and it integrates with the helmet’s new quick-release feature.

Fox Racing V1 

Fox Racing V1 helmet image
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The Fox Racing V1 helmet is a lightweight, sleek and comfortable helmet that is ideal for both racing and everyday use. The ventilation zones both behind and around the ear ports help to keep the rider comfortable and cool on even the warmest days. The V-FlowTM ventilation system allows for constant airflow to the helmet. The V1’s visor is shatterproof polycarbonate and is interchangeable, so you can choose between a fixed or flip-down visor. The V1 helmet meets DOT and ECE 22.05 safety standards.     

Arai XD-4

Arai XD-4 helmet image
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Sport helmets are more than just a safety feature. Arai’s XD-4 takes safety to the next level with features like drop down sun visors, 3D air channels, and ventilation ducts for superior ventilation. The XD-4 also has removable ear pads, which make them ideal for rides with MP3 and earbuds. If you are serious about your riding, the XD-4 is one of the best sport helmets on the market.

Arai XD-4 helmet is a Sport helmet for serious sport riders. It is a Full-face helmet for street/sport riding. Its design is based on the Arai XD-2, and the XD-4 is an improvement from its predecessor. It is based on the XD-2, but the XD-4 has a number of improvements. The most significant of those improvements is the XD-4’s polycarbonate shell, which is lighter, smaller, and stronger than the material used to construct the XD-2. Other improvements include a simpler venting system, a quieter visor, and a larger field of view.