Best Sportbike Helmets

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Now that we have a great motorcycle to ride, it’s time to think about wearing the proper protective gear. One of the most important pieces of gear to wear is our helmet. According to the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration, these helmets significantly reduce the danger of motorcycle-related fatalities by 37%. Helmets also lessen traumatic brain injury (TBI) risks by 71%. And really, who doesn’t want to prevent concussions?

When it comes to choosing the perfect sportbike helmet, the choices are so varied that it can be hard to decide. This is because there are so many factors you need to consider, but the most important is safety. So, before you head out to buy a helmet, consider these tips:

  • Look for impact resistance.
  • Make sure the helmet is the right size.
  • Choose a shield that will suit your needs.

Choosing the best sportbike helmet for your bike and your riding style can be tricky. But, with modern technology and helmet design advancements, buying a bike helmet doesn’t have to be intimidating. The best sportbike helmets don’t have to be the most expensive. There are plenty of helmet options that’ll satisfy your budget and your need for a helmet. Although it’s only September, it’s time to start looking at the best sportbike helmets to gear up for the upcoming riding season.

Arai Concept-X

Arai Concept-X helmet image
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Arai, a Japanese helmet manufacturer, has new helmets available this year. The Arai Concept-X is for those riders who prefer a helmet design with more protection. Arai’s Concept-X helmet is designed for those who want more protection than the Arai XC4 but those who aren’t big riders and don’t need the safety features that are part of the XC4. The Concept-X is an alternative for those riders who want more protection without all the extra features.

Arai Concept-X is one of the Best sportbike helmets. The Concept-X is Arai’s lightest and toughest full-face helmet featuring advanced A-Spec II shell construction. This premium helmet is Arai’s most popular motorcycle helmet and is built with the most advanced manufacturing process available, utilizing both thermoplastic and composite shell materials; and is Arai’s lightest and most aerodynamically efficient full-face helmet.

Shoei GT-Air 2

Shoei GT-Air 2 helmet image
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Most riders love being out on their motorcycles. Constant movement speeds, the wind in their faces, and the feeling of freedom. But be warned: Riding a motorcycle can be dangerous. Even low-speed crashes can cause significant injuries, and as riders become more skillful, they can enter more high-speed maneuvers. That’s why all bikers must wear approved motorcycle helmets.

According to Consumer Reports, the Shoei GT Air 2 helmet is the #1 sport bike helmet by consumers. The GT-air 2 features a new large eyeport, great ventilation thanks to 10 intake vents and 15 exhaust ports, and Hybrid Ventilation System that provides maximum ventilation. Plus, the GT-air 2 has dual-density EPS that uses both an inner and outer EPS layer for maximum protection.

AGV Corsa R Full Face Helmet

AGV Corsa R Full Face Helmet image
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The AGV Corsa R full-face helmet is touted as the best sportbike helmet. And, if you ask us, it is. AGV is known for making helmets for just about any kind of bike, from track bikes to cruisers to sportbikes. But the Corsa R stands out not only because of its aerodynamic credentials but also because of its helmet’s sleek, innovative design and high-quality construction.

As a motorcycle rider, you not only have to protect your head but your hands and legs as well. Luckily, AGV has been making high quality helmets for motorcyclists for years. The AGV Corsa R Full Face Helmet has just been updated, making it one of the best sportbike helmets on the market. This helmet is wind-tunnel tested and has airflow vents to ensure a cool, dry ride. The AGV Corsa R Full Face Helmet is one of the best sportbike helmets because it has a chin bar with an integrated chin curtain. The chin curtain helps deflect the wind and bugs away from the back of the helmet and is adjustable for a customized fit.

Caberg Drift Evo

Caberg Drift Evo helmet Image
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When it comes to buying motorcycle gear, having the best protection available is very important. The helmet offers the best possible protection against impacts, but you also need to think about your face being unprotected. With Caberg Drift Evo, you get a face shield that is vital for your safety. The face shield is removable, so you can easily remove it when it is not needed. While this kind of helmet is more expensive than others, it is definitely worth its price.

The Caberg Drift Evo helmet is the latest in Caberg’s renowned line of premium sports helmets. Caberg’s goal is to “deliver superior protection, comfort, and style.” The Drift Evo is a featherweight helmet that weighs only 2.8 pounds, so you can easily forget that you’re wearing it. The helmet has a 3-layer polycarbonate shell that absorbs energy, while each of the helmet’s 11 air vents independently adjusts the amount of air passing through the helmet.

Arai Tour-X 4

Arai Tour-X 4 helmet image
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Riding a motorcycle is a risk, and a helmet is your first line of protection. It’s also smart to invest in a motorcycle helmet that can offer some added protection in the event of a crash. The Arai Tour-X 4 is one of the best sportbike helmets, with its aramid (Kevlar) composite shell. Arai’s shell also utilizes Arai’s Dual Axis Control System, which keeps the helmet balanced on your head. This lets you enjoy a safer ride.

Arai, a Japanese helmet manufacturer, has re-approached its sportbike helmet line with the new Tour-X 4. This helmet’s design has not changed drastically from the previous versions, but Arai has fine-tuned the helmet’s fit, incorporated the Visco-elastic System (VTS) to absorb the impact, and incorporated an anti-bacterial treatment that assists in reducing odor.

If you’re looking for the best sportbike helmet, look no further. The Arai Tour-X 4 is the most advanced helmet Arai has ever created. Built to protect riders from near-accidents with high-speed sportbikes and equally effective in a low-speed crash, the Arai Tour-X 4 makes riding safer and more comfortable than ever.