Bluetooth for Motorcycle Helmets

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What is a Bluetooth-enabled Motorcycle Helmet?

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Bluetooth is wireless communication, short-range technology that allows communication and transfer of files over short distances through a radio frequency signal. Therefore, a Bluetooth-enabled helmet is a rechargeable device backed by the latest technology that allows calling, listening to music, FM Radio, and GPS navigation audio through a single touch. A Bluetooth system supports every gadget in the modern age. Hence, inventing a Bluetooth Helmet is just the need of time. Your investment in this device will also prove fruitful. 

This technology is becoming very popular among motorcyclists, especially those who ride in a group. However, some of you might still be sceptical about whether such helmets are worth the value paid for them or not. They may not be something special for average motorcyclists, but they have proven to be a great asset for most.

Advantages of Bluetooth enabled Motorcycle Helmets:

According to research by National Crime Records Bureau (NCRB), in the year 2014, half of the road crashes and fatalities involved severe motorcycle accidents. Seventy-six per cent of these victims suffered head injuries because they were riding without helmets. Several motorcyclists who escaped death in these accidents were paralyzed for their whole lives. The main reason behind these tragedies was the lack of wearing protective gear while riding a motorcycle. 

Bluetooth Motorcycle Helmets happen to be devices that ensure the safety and comfort of the motorcyclist, and their technological utility also attracts many motorcyclists. Bluetooth for Motorcycle Helmets can be helpful in hands-off communication with other motorcyclists or passengers, streaming music, and navigation. Moreover, they will not be heavy on your pocket either. Let us look deeper into how these helmets are special.

• Communication:

A Bluetooth helmet guides you to adjust your posture on the motorcycle to make the ride more comfortable for you. All the members of your motorcycling group can effectively communicate about navigation, pull-offs, or other issues during the ride. You can also chat with someone nearby without touching or holding a device.

• Music Streaming:

According to research, music is helpful for motorcyclists since it can offer a point of focus that increases alertness and decreases drowsiness during long rides.  If you tend to leave on long journeys, Bluetooth-enabled helmets can always make your trip more relaxing you’re your favourite music being played through the Bluetooth system. Music is a friend to any traveller. In the past, listening to music with earphones on and wearing a helmet would have been a nightmare, but now a Bluetooth-enabled helmet is there for your comfort and relaxation.

• Navigation:

If you need to travel to unfamiliar areas, you can make the best use of Bluetooth Motorcycle Helmets that provide GPS navigation. You no longer have to spend fruitless time or fuel while looking for the right direction. Such helmets can also help you avoid traffic and bad weather conditions. Furthermore, it has often helped passengers trapped at crime scenes by reporting their location to the respected departments. This means that your security is also ensured through Bluetooth Helmets.

• Keeping you safe:

Bluetooth helmets are reliable for safety because your hands are just being used to drive the motorcycle. There is no need to use your hands for adjustments or controls because one audio command is all it takes to make your ride more comfortable. Moreover, Bluetooth-enabled Helmets are also resistant to high wear and tear. Therefore, they play the role of a shield if you come across any accident.

Some drawbacks:

Although the advantages of using a Bluetooth Motorcycle Helmet are numerous, it also has a few drawbacks and flaws. Firstly, the luxury provided through such helmets can often become distracting. For example, while listening to music on a bike ride, you can become too involved, so your focus will shift from the road to the music. Such distractions can be hazardous. Secondly, Bluetooth devices are connectable within a specific range. Once you are out of the required coverage, they no longer work. Thirdly, the quality of Bluetooth helmets also varies in the market, depending on the manufacturing brand. A better brand will sell an expensive Bluetooth-enabled Motorcycle Helmet, but the quality of its service will also be worth the price paid for it. It is the opposite case with a cheaper brand. Brands matter because a fine quality Bluetooth Motorcycle Helmet will maintain the quality of sound and verbal instructions, but a cheap quality helmet would not. Lastly, these helmets need to be recharged frequently because their services, such as GPS navigation, tend to drain batteries faster.

Is it worth it?

Even though Bluetooth technology for Motorcycle Helmets has its limitations and drawbacks, it is still the most helpful technology for motorcyclists because of its advantages. The flaws are more in your control because you are the one who will decide which quality to purchase and how to use it in a way that it does not become distracting. Checking out the reviews for a specific brand before making your purchase is the best way to go.


The debate regarding how safe it is to use auxiliary technology while riding a motorcycle will continue. However, Bluetooth technology will only continue to grow in the twenty-first century.  We have already discussed the current advantages of Bluetooth-enabled Motorcycle Helmets, but we hope and expect that there will be many more useful features added to this technology. There is much controversy about whether it is acceptable to have Bluetooth helmets among bikers because some bikers think it could cause accidents because of diversion. Still, the pros are way more than the cons, and we should adopt the technology. Hence, now is the right time to place trust in a Bluetooth-enabled Motorcycle Helmet and invest in it.