Open Face Helmet

Open face helmets are popular among mountain bikers, riders of recreational and touring bikes, and other riders who prefer to keep their helmet on during cycling. But open face helmets aren’t for everyone, especially if you think you’re more prone to crashing or you want more visibility. Luckily, there are several models of open-face helmets that balance safety with style, including brands like Bell, Giro, and Pearl Izumi.

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Looking for the best open face helmets? Open face helmets offer the versatility you need for a variety of sports as well as various terrains—including dirt, sand, and gravel. Open face helmets do not completely cover your face. Instead, they cover your ears and the top of your head. This offers more protection but less ventilation. They’ll still work to protect you against wind, rain, and snow, but consider investing in a winter helmet that will also keep your face warm.

Cycling helmets are designed to keep your head safe during a fall but to be effective; they also need to lock onto your head properly. Open face helmets offer maximum ventilation, so they’re better suited to warmer conditions and can be paired with a full face mask for cooler days. Closed helmets offer better protection but can still be worn with additional head protection. It’s not necessary to wear a cycling helmet—especially for casual riding—but if you’re thinking of getting one for a bike trip, keep the following choices in mind.