Motorcycle Phone Mount

Biking is fun, but what about when you’re ready to call it a day and you need to take a break? Why not bring your phone along for the ride? The right phone mount can help keep you safe, keep an eye on traffic, and even listen to music as you ride.

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A motorcycle phone mount is a gadget that attaches to your handlebars and lets you use your smartphone as a GPS, music player, or navigation tool. There are different types, including windshield mounted and handlebar-mounted. Motorcycle phone mounts are useful tools for long trips when you may otherwise find yourself stranded or running out of fuel. They’re also popular with motorcyclists who take impromptu road trips, like when a friend invites them out for the day.

What Is A ‏Motorcycle Phone Mount?

Motorcycles have certain limitations to external accessories. The bike itself must be open to the attachment of hoses, wires, and cables from the center of the vehicle. This presents a problem for those who want a phone or GPS mount that doesn’t compromise the bike’s look or performance.

Motorcycle phone mounts have been around for a while, but they still haven’t caught up to the size of the phones that get released each year. Smartphone mounts are still a bit clunky, and most of them are made just for holding the phones in place, which is unfortunate because there’s very little else, they can do aside from that. Like regular phone stands, motorcycle phone mounts can rest your phone flat on the ground, but that’s about it.