Motorcycle Helmets with Bluetooth

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Technology keeps changing and replacing the old, and that’s what happened with bluetooth which replaced wired connections over short distances for communication.

Every market has pioneers in innovation; bluetooth in motorcycle helmets is no different. Cardo and Sena still enjoy the first-mover benefits because they were the first to break ground. 

In motorcycle helmets, bluetooth is also helpful for entertainment and GPS.

The rider can get directions from a paired phone without shifting their field of vision while also having some barrels of entertainment.

While you can add communications devices to any bluetooth-enabled helmet, integrated solutions are much more convenient and offer better safety. A pre-equipped helmet saves time and possible installation headaches.

Nonetheless, each motorcycle helmet brand has its silver lining, and so it’s always a smart move to know what to look for before purchase. Most decisions are based on peer influence, but it’s good to look beyond what’s before your eyes to get the right equipment.

Essential Features to Look Out for in Motorcycle Bluetooth Helmet

Not all motorcycle bluetooth helmets are made equal; some are superior to others.

With this in mind, what features indicate a quality motorcycle helmet with bluetooth? What should you look for?

  • Bluetooth version: the latest revision is 5, which means you shouldn’t go any lower than v4.x. Newer versions translate to better connectivity, improved audio quality, GPS navigation and multiple-user connectivity.

  • Weatherproof: it makes sense for the bluetooth helmet or communication equipment to be weatherproof. The helmet and its accessories usually bear the brunt of the elements, and so your money should be on the equipment that doesn’t ruin easily in any weather.

  • Smooth connectivity: it’s essential that the bluetooth connects with other hardware smoothly. Does it connect with other riders well, and are there problems with other products or brands? This information is usually available from people that have used the helmet or the bluetooth set.

  • Battery Life: How long a single charge goes for is a critical consideration, especially for long-distance riders.

  • Compatibility: you will find that most intercom systems have no problem connecting with helmets on the market. However, it’s always good to check with the manufacturer or search through online reviews. It’s better to be sure before jumping in head first on the purchase.

  • Warranty: electronics can be pretty sensitive, so it’s vital to ensure a solid warranty backs all equipment before purchase. The majority of the manufacturers give a 12-month guarantee on performance and parts, but it’s good to double-check.

Motorcycle Helmet with Integrated Bluetooth

Bluetooth-ready helmets have small additional spaces for small speakers. These changes to the helmet can prove a safety concern for riders. A better alternative is to purchase a helmet with built-in communication tech.

Sena Cavalry

Sena Cavalry amazon image

The blue-tooth half helmet is the first of its kind on the market and pretty much worth the price. Sena as a brand has so much riding in terms of reliability and quality. The 4.1 bluetooth enabled helmet has a coverage radius of half a mile, which isn’t so bad. Sena Cavalry supports up to four riders.


Torc helmet

The ECE and DOT-certified helmet come with pre-installed speakers and a microphone for easier hands-free communication. Riders have access to the various intercom and media features to make the ride across the state fun. It is one of the most powerful budget helmets with integrated bluetooth.

The spring-loaded sun visor is handy when riding in summer because it’s effective with glare protection. The helmet is a bit heavier than most others on the market, but it makes up for this with much-improved noise isolation and better value. 

Benefits of Bluetooth Motorcycle Helmets

Bluetooth motorcycle helmets have various uses, mostly similar to your bluetooth headphones. With a bluetooth-enabled helmet, you can communicate easily with your passengers and other motorcycle group members you’re riding together with.

A bluetooth helmet also comes in handy when in traffic jams or on long rides that would otherwise be boring. You can listen to soothing music or your favorite podcasts while waiting for the traffic to ease up.

Often, riders take a detour only to find out the traffic is worse than the route they escaped. You can avoid this by listening to traffic updates and getting helpful info about the best routes to take to reach your destination faster.

Bluetooth functionality proves quite handy with GPS. You see, riders cannot afford to keep looking at the screen of their phones to get directions. But with bluetooth, you can listen to the directions and arrive at your destination easily and safely.


Motorcycle helmets with bluetooth come with various benefits such as convenient communication with other riders and seamless access to GPS and media.

Some helmets come bluetooth-ready, and you can install your choice of bluetooth headsets. Alternatively, bluetooth integrated helmets save you from the hassle of installation and fitting problems.

Bluetooth Add-Ons to Consider

If you already have a good quality bluetooth-enabled helmet, a bluetooth add-on will give you the same services as a built-in bluetooth helmet.

Here are the three good choices to look at:

Cardo Scala Rider PACKTALK

Cardo Scala Rider PACKTALK

This bluetooth add-on is a fully waterproof device capable of a 15-user group conversation. However, the group conversation feature is only compatible with other Cardo devices. Your friends must have Cardo units as well.

PACKTALK has up to 13 hours of talktime, and the connection is up to a mile.

UClear Amp Pro

If you’re a technology buff, UClear Amp Pro is your kind of stuff. The device has connectivity of up to ten riders and has a water-resistant construction. Other nitty-gritty features include 10 hours of talk time and GPS and music sharing.

But what we like most about UClear is its compatibility with other brands. Your friends using Cardo or Sena can still connect with you seamlessly.